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Remember to take part in this great challenge. Closing Date will be on the 30th of June 2020

Time for your pet to model! Let's see those beautiful friends that's been keeping you company during lockdown.

Post your photos on the Facebook page in the album called "Pet Challenge".

Facebook Challenge - My Pet Challenge

June 2020 Club Results

We thank Jenny Stillwell from the Sandton Photography Club who facilitated the judging for us for the June event. Overall the feedback was well received.

The winners for June:


 Set Subject - Embracing Autumn - Elmarie Mouton

 Standing out in Autumn - Wayne Naude

 No Time to Fly - Willem Labuschagne

 Autumn 2020 - Amorien Van Heerden

 Ball and All - Hannes Rossouw


 Ane - Frik Bezuidenhoudt

 Overall winners:

 Autumn 2020 - Amorien Van Heerden


 No Time to Fly - Willem Labuschagne

June Pixel Moment - Stuck at Home - Trapped in ice

Please take note that NPC is not at all affiliated with Rudy Visuals. We simply provide this space to have easy access to the visual help showcased in the Pixel Moment.