About NPC

The National Photography Club (NPC) is a photography club in Pretoria. Once every month on a Monday Evening the members of the club attend a club event if they so wish. During weekends/holidays and some weekdays NPC also host photography workshops and social events trying to bring the club members together. All club events are optional, and members attend with their families on their own will.

How does it work?

NPC club events are once a month, usually the second Monday of each month. All of the dates are as follows:

Event Dates 2021

25 January

February (To Be Announced)

March (To Be Announced)

April (To Be Announced)

May (To Be Announced)

June (To Be Announced)

July (To Be Announced)

August (To Be Announced)

September (To Be Announced)

October (To Be Announced)

November (To Be Announced)

Each member get's the chance to enter a total of 1 photograph in 3 categories with no more than one category a total of two photographs. Each month we have a Set-Subject, the Set Subjects are currently as follows:


Set Subject


25 January

New Beginnings and Happy Moments






(To Be Announced)



(To Be Announced)



(To Be Announced)



(To Be Announced) -


(To Be Announced) -


(To Be Announced) -


(To Be Announced) -


(To Be Announced) -


(To Be Announced) -

Once a member has paid their yearly Club Fees, they can Enter in the Club events by using Photovault. To access Photovault you can email Wendy Birch to get registered on Photovault.

Download the Photovault Manual below if you are not sure how to enter images for the club evening.

How do I enter in the Club Event?

At the club event there will be one judge from a different Club in South Africa that will judge the entered photographs and give educational feedback on how to improve your photography skills.

At NPC we use a Point System that helps you progress in the club and improve your photography skills. The point system works on a star based system. Each member starts at 1 Star and can climb the ladder up to 5 Star. each star category has a certain criteria on how to move on to the next star category. These criteria is a combination of Club points that get's awarded to you during club evenings, and Salon points that get's awarded to you when entering Salons.

For more information regarding the Promotion Requirements, download the requirements document below for a detailed explanation. 

Where is the Club evenings?

Club evenings are held at Hatfield Christian Church in Pretoria. If you require more information regarding the venue. Feel free to contact us for more information.

NPC Rules and Constitution

 To learn more about the NPC constitution, you can download the file below for a soft copy.