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FUN PHOTO entries:

The purpose of this new 'category' is so that members can also enter catchy, funny, funky photos that would normally not be suited for the usual judging process. For everyone's knowledge on the arrangements regarding this experimental  category, herewith the rules and entry procedures :


  • Maximum 4 photos per member per club event, in addition to your normal entries
  • Entries will not be accepted on Photovault.... members must bring them on memory stick for Henri to upload before commencing with the evening's procedures, These will be shown just before the tea break
  • Photos must be resized to full HD format (1920 x1080), with maximum file size of 2MB
  • The fun photos will not be judged but a winner will be selected each month by means of audience applause (pending the success of this , we may even decide to award an annual prize for the winning fun photo of the year!)
  • The same rules apply otherwise for these photos than the normal judged photo entries....

 For your convenience, the general entry rules are provided below. All entries (including fun photos) must adhere to these rules and principles- please read again carefully...


1.  Only members whose club fees are paid up may enter images.

2.   Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Note:  It is recommended that where artwork such as statues, portraits etc. appears in a photo, it must not be the main focus. The photographer must add value of his/her own.

3.   No images or parts of images may be downloaded from the internet or copied from any source whatsoever.

4.   All graphics used should be created by the photographer using their own artwork.

5.   All elements of an image must be the exclusive work of the member submitting the image.

6.   All electronic post capture processes and digital manipulation must be done by the member submitting the image.


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