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Next Club Evening
Date:         18 September 2017
Time:         18:45          

Set Subject: ORGANISED SPORT = (Manipulation = NO)

Dear NPC Member

We have already announced the club's change to full HD club entries.

This mail serves as a reminder and/or notification to all members that all Photovault entries from this month (November) will be in 1920 x 1080 pixel format. The following implications are relevant: 

  • Max file size is now 2MB  (not 500kB as previously)
  • When the old format files are submitted, they will be  projected much smaller on the screen and judges will possibly penalize you
  • The current 1024x768 format photos can not readily be up-sized to 1920x1080... you will be 'stretching' pixels and loose quality 
  • You will need to resize your photos from the original jpg or RAW file to 1920x1080 pixel size.



Professional sports photography is a genre of photojournalism while amateur sport photographers tend to be more candid and less formal, since they often don’t enjoy the privileges of the professional to may enter the pitch or move around freely. Organized sport nevertheless offers ideal action photo opportunities. Knowledge of the sport is important, as well as the right equipment and skills to be able to capture fast movements, quick autofocus and generally good knowledge of your equipment to cope with the specific sport condition. DSLR camera with lenses ranging from 50mm to 300mm will be suitable for most sports. Location is important. The professional photographer will often shoot from VIP spots with the best views. With good planning and intuition, amateur photographers can, however, also obtain excellent results.
A good sport action photo must capture the moment and generally show facial expression, the ball (if applicable) and good action. Although the tendency is to ‘freeze’ the action, some blurring and movement of grass and dust often contribute to the drama of the moment. Also use panning technique to emphasize movement. No manipulation … and please remember : Ballet is NOT organised sport!





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