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Next Club Evening
Date:        17 Sept 2018
Time:         18:45          

Set Subject: Human Form / Body Scape = (Manipulation = No)

Dear NPC Member

We have already announced the club's change to full HD club entries.

This mail serves as a reminder and/or notification to all members that all Photovault entries from this month (November) will be in 1920 x 1080 pixel format. The following implications are relevant: 

  • Max file size is now 2MB  (not 500kB as previously)
  • When the old format files are submitted, they will be  projected much smaller on the screen and judges will possibly penalize you
  • The current 1024x768 format photos can not readily be up-sized to 1920x1080... you will be 'stretching' pixels and loose quality 
  • You will need to resize your photos from the original jpg or RAW file to 1920x1080 pixel size.


The human figure has always been a source of fascination for artists. Painters, sculptors, and of course photographers have worked to explore human’s form since antiquity. The politics of the body represent different ideas for a variety of artists – it could be an exploration of pure form, the discovery of eros, or a free ranging metaphor for a living organism. For some photographers, the approach to the human form is natural and innocent, and for others it is a challenge of breaking out of taboos and stereotypes.
The images must depict the human form / body in such a manner that the different body parts are creatively depicted as a hole or only parts thereof.
Nudity could form part of this topic provided it is tasteful and artistic, but it is certainly not an essential component of this topic. This topic lends itself to mono photography










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