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November 2021 - Club Event

We thank André Norris from the Centurion Camera Club for facilitating the judging for our January 2022 Club Event.

If you missed the Club Event that was held at Hatfield Christian Church, do not fear as you will be able to watch the Live Stream event at any time you wish on Our YouTube channel.

If you want to be notified when we are going live with a new Club Event, please consider Subscribing on YouTube and Turning the notifications on.

YouTube Club Events Playlist



Our Set Subject for January 2022 is: Food Photography

Senior Evening Winner: Hugo Mouton with Reënblom

Junior Evening Winner: Hannelie Labuschagné with Darling Harbour Reflections


Pixel Moment - Scapes Definition

The first Pixel Moment for 2022 revolves around the definition of Scapes for NPC. The consensus is that there is still some discussion around this. If you want to raise any concerns, please contact Dawid or any of the committee members. Contact Details